"Nunca te duermas sin cumplir tu deseos ,Ni te despiertes sin motivos para realizarlos......
                                           It's not just a beauty pageant it's the

                                                         University of Beauty

                                          Do something extraordinary! Apply now.
                                 You could be the next Nuestra Reina Latina USA 

                              Fabulous prizes valued at more that 10,000 dollars

This pageant is not only a promotion of physical beauty, but also to create activities in which women can learn to perform better in social life, and including, how to be a business woman, modeling, refinement, diction, theater, stage presence, nutrition, dance, exercises, make up, skin care, speech, psychology and more during 6 months.

                                         NUESTRA REINA LATINA USA



Candidates married with children are welcome ( CASTING FIRST )
18 - 29 Years Old
30 - 45 Years Old

A distinguished panel comprised of eight judges scores candidates in the following areas of competition:

-Personal Interviews – to determine personality, culture,  intellect, and qualifications to hold national title
-Swimsuit and Runway – to determine physical condition and form
-Evening Gown – to determine elegance, poise, beauty and grace
-judging is based on poise in Evening Gown (30%), Judges Interview (30%),  Fashion (30%) and On Stage Introduction (10%).
-There is no tipical dress competition 

You’ll need:
An interview Outfit
Opening Dress
A Competition Swimsuit 
An Evening Gown

 Requirements and what you can expect

--Candidates who have participated in the contest previously including the first contest can not participate again until 2020 

--There is NO talent competition or height requirements

--Have an attractive appearance, good personality and positive attitude, good physical, good mental health, weight proportional to height and a respectable reputation with herself and with others

--English and Spanish are the official languages of the Nuestra Reina Latina USA Pageant. It is NOT a requirement for contestants to speak perfect      Spanish or perfect English although it is encouraged 

--Born female

--Interviews with judges will be conducted in the language the contestant feels most comfortable speaking

--All decisions as to eligibility shall be determined solely by Nuestra Reina Latina USA Organization

--Current residency in the state of representation

--Current student/work status in the state of representation

--Born in the country of representation or have a parent/ancestor born in the country of representation 

--Eligibility for the country titles is determined by meeting at least one of the following criteria, along with all other minimum eligibility requirements

  for pageant participants:


What are the age divisions of the pageant?

Nuestra Reina Latina USA
Category 1

Category 2
30- 45 Years Old 

Can I enter if I am married or if I have children?

Yes, This year we allow contestants who are married or have children.

How can I enter?

Complete the entry form online in the "enter” section of this website. A contestant coordinator will contact you to assist you with completing the entry process of completing the required paperwork or call  Marie Llanos at 646-942-6234 , 201-601-0220 or 201-348-1959 

Is there a fee to enter?

As with any competition, there is an entry fee,  payment plan starting from $300.00
Entry fees cover the costs of pageant production, judges, staff, entertainment, pictures, promotion, modeling classes, makeup classes, supplies, prizes awards, picture magazine, TV promotion, etc. We suggest that contestants enlist sponsors to help cover fees.
Sponsors are listed in the official program book. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. If you choose not to get sponsors and pay the fees yourself, you can join the pageant, ask for another package availables .
Please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help you.

If I decide not to compete can I get a refund?

No. It is our strict policy that all fees paid including, deposit/sponsor fees, advertising, tickets, merchandise are non refundable and non transferrable.

Do I need pageant or modeling experience?

No. Judging is based on beauty, stage presence, respect and personality. There will be an optional modeling workshop held the first day of the pageant in order to teach new contestants and help experienced contestants brush up on their skills. Some contestants have a lot of experience and some have none at all.

Will I have to buy a lot of new clothes?

No. There are no attire or wardrobe scores. Your evening gown/beauty gown and other outfits can be as simple or as fancy as you would like. Garments should fit you well and reflect your personality. Remember you can look like a million bucks without spending a lot of money!

Can I enter if I have tattoos?

Yes tattoos are allowed, but you may choose to cover tattoos during the on stage portions,However, it is not required to do so.

What are the prizes?

There are many exciting prizes for the winners of the 2018 pageant. The most exciting, however, is the opportunity to meet industry professionals and build a career in the entertainment industry Nuestra Reina Latina Prizes-  
Cover Page of the El Especialito, Designer Dresses, Designer Shoes, Professional Portfolio, Hairstyle for one year, Make up artist for one year, Runway Classes for one year, Travels, Hotels, Important Events to Represent
Nuestra Reina Latina USA, Dinner at Five Star Restaurants in New York and New Jersey ,Participate in New York Fashion Week and more.....

I am a legal resident but not a US citizen, can I still enter?


What if I have more questions?

Call the pageant office Dierector Marie Llanos
Office  201-601-0220 
 Cellular  646-942-623

Do something extraordinary! Apply now. You could be the next Nuestra Reina Latina USA!

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